Specialists in Botanical/Ecoprint fashion

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Custom Order

Quickly and easily create a 'Commission' or 'Custom Order'. This form includes common questions that we might ask (and that you might not think of) this way we should be able to assess the requested job and get back to you more quickly and efficiently. After we receive this Commission we will contact you for confirmation and to require any further details me may require.

What kind of dress/item of clothing do you want to create?

Choose one or more materials

Tell us in more detail what you are looking for.

Please let us know your preffered date of completion. We will get back in touch with you and let you know if this date is possible or not.

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What happens next?

Well... completing this form and processing the 'Commision' is only the beggining of the process. We will aim to consider the work given our current workload and get back in touch with you to get fiurtyer information so that we can be sure we are creatinging the personalised item of clothing you want


THe cost of your custom order will be listed in the cart as £0,00, we will assess the job and get in touch with you via email with a quote,