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Batik Print Summer Dress - Turquoise Bamboo-print

Batik print summer dress in Turquoise colours. Smocked, strapped Top, classic 50's inspired shape. Bamboo leaf design in Turqoise, purple and green hues.
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Turquoise sundress with a comfortable, strapped, smocked-top leading into a flared skirt with a tiered hemline. Pair this dress with an underskirt to create volume and that classic 50s shape, or wear it as-is for a simpler ‘modern’ look. And there's a reason why people love this 'classic' cut, it's flattering!, so you can relax, feel comfortable, confident, and look good!


Batik print summer dress in a turquoise. From a distance the patten has a turquoise look and shows off the clasic shape of this summer dress, up-close the rich, subtle blue/green shades reveal beautiful intricate patterns and a lush rich look.

Summary – why you want this

We think you can wear this at any time!, but it's perfect for the beach, relaxing on a warm summer evening, or simply being about town on a summer's day!